So I was really nervous to start making videos, but then when I did, I was pretty proud of myself. I know they're not all that good, like, comparatively to what's out there, but I take pride in the fact that I'm doing what I like and that I'm learning how to do it well. When saw that I got my first comment I was so excited...and then I saw it. Two rather rude comments plus one  thumbs down on my worst video so far. I was so disappointed. I don't really care about their opinion of me and I accept the fact that not everyone is going to like me, but it is pretty disheartening, you know? How do you deal with it? I mean, if nobody is enjoying my videos, I kind of don't see the point in making any more.

anyway, here's a link to my channel for reference.

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I've been making videos for almost a year, and I have encountered hate. So listen, everyone deals with it differently, but I'd recommend just ignoring it. What do they know, right? Here's my channel for maybe a guide to video making, in the sense that I have some experience.

Hey! So I would go over to your channel but my computer is being all weird and slow and loading videos is kind of making it freak out, so I'll just go for some general advice. I'm lucky in not getting many horrible comments, but I have had a few and I know that it hurts, but I think the best course of action to take is firstly, ignoring the comments or finding a way to move past them, and then finding some youtube friends. Trust me, it helps a lot to have people that you know will watch your videos and also be nice to you and support you. Once you've got that you can try for a wider audience.

Oh! And in my somewhat limited experience, when you do get nice comments, it really helps to reply to them. If you reply to someone you can get a conversation going, and that person is more likely to comment again on your next video, and then you find yourself with regular commenters, which is very nice.

Ok, I hope I helped a little. Best of luck! 

Ive had a hater comment that wasn't nice, but I could deal with it more easily than I thought. The fact was that the 4 negative remarks were all incorrect. One of them was that I should have read the book before reviewing it, which was of course nonsense because I did read the book. Another one was that I was fat (which is a general insult these days, and like the gay 'insult' stupid, not often correct and totally unpersonal) and should have combed my hair (even if I hadn't, who cares).
Basically, for me it helps to read it, realize it's mostly incorrect and often written by a troll, and delete it. I'm almost sure most of your comments are at least neutral (Ill have a look at your channel later, lady :D) and if they aren't, I am sure they will be in the future. Don't let it get you down. It really sucks and it did made me insecure, but yeah. Trolls will ne trolls. :/
Btw excellent topic.
I sarcastically thank them for their comments and encourage them to share it with friends. Seriously that's how I deal with it. I evilly mess with they're minds. MAHAHAHAHA but in reality I'm actully a nice guy (just dont troll)

I honestly rarely check Youtube comments for this very reason.  There are so many trolls out there who just like to complain about things or make stupid, immature comments on people's Youtube videos.  Just take it all with a grain of salt, or better, brush it off your shoulder like it's dandruff, since that's pretty much all Youtube trolls are worth. ;)

Try to ignore them. Most people that writes negative comments are trolls and haters with no life. 
If you find it enjoying making videos keep on making them. Sure, you might feel awful when you get these comments but that is human nature. And these comments will hopefully make you stronger.
Another tip is to make lots of friends on YT that can back you up and in some cases defend you when haters and trolls are raiding your videos.

Keep up the good work.

BTW I'm a subscriber now ;) 

i remember how shit i felt when i got my first dislike.. especially because it was a cover of a song i LOVE. you just gotta not let it get to you and if you believe what you're putting out there is the best it can be and you are happy for the people who appreciate it to see it, then ignore the people who don't :) you can't make everyone like you, but hopefully the people who do, mean enough to you for you to keep doing what you love! :)


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