Hi guys!

I'm just a bored person and wanted to find some youtube videos to watch...

So if you have a channel or a video please post it below!

I'll watch it I promise!



FUN QUESTION!!!!! (if you answer this I will give you a cookie)

Platypus? Yay or nay?

UPDATE 2013:

Yes I have restarted watching all your lovely videos :)

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Thank you! if you're into chemistry.  :D

lol thanks! You're really funny (i'm not sure if its intentional or not) I nearly died when you called the down bar that oh so funny name :)

Thank you! that's really intense with the xacto knife and everything :)

Thanks! :)

welcome!... on a completely unrelated note...  do I spy Pikachu in your profile pic?.. or maybe it's a cat...with red cheeks

It's a pikachu haha Specifically it's Mittens the creeper pikachu (Weird inside joke my friends have)

haha well thats more creative than what I'd name a pikachu any day

There are only 6 videos up so far, but it's an ongoing thing.  :)

not to be creepy or anything, but I couldn't stop staring at your eyes! they're so pretty! (jealous)

Haha, thanks.  XD


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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