so i've been seeing a lot of these colab channels on youtube and i was thinking...wouldn't it be cool if i started one..

i have some ideas:

well as some my know (and if you don't watch my video and guess)
i love hats and anything to do with them...soooo
i was thnking i should start up a colab channel called 'fivemadhatters' (the number can be whatever)
but it'll be about weird and wonderful things in the world and where you live that make everyones day better...
so if your crazy, outgoing and what to give it a try comment on my youtube channel and send me a video saying stuff about yourself and why your crazy and we'll see how i goes :)

thank you :) xx<3

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that sounds awesome! *prepares to make video*
Sure! I feel like I would then need a hat though to be a mad hatter... I'll work on it. But first send in a video :]

More people should join! :]

i would love to join this collab channel, if you still want more people...I'm definitely crazy :) I haven't done traditional vlogs... I just play music on my channel, but i am dying to start!! I can make a video to send you if you want...
yeh sure :) send a video :D
I should probably start making videos first...
I'm sure it doesn't matter if you've made videos before or not. The first video could be this one to Ellie! :]
im interested in a colab channel! :P

Yeah! :] I think we still need more people but I guess Ellie's in charge (she started it so.. let's say she is :p)

I dunno, talk to Ellie I guess I'm just excited! (I get excited easily and I need sleep, haha)..


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