yep. Title says it all. Post the video that you are most proud of, show us your talent.

I'm between two videos; my blacklight video and my mustache video. I think I'll go with my blacklight video...

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I thin this is my most interesting video: 

People seem to really love this video--it's about my struggle as a fellow nerdfighter to not read my copy of TFiOS that i got right before christmas.

it's a bit of comic relief that i made during this dark time of possible spoilers.

i feel a select few of you may be able to relate :)

This one took me weeks to get the footage for, its for my collab channel MegaNerdation Im seriously proud of it :)    :D It's not the best, but I had a lot of fun making it!

This was the first video of a random Skype conversation I was in in which I actually recorded my mic as well as those of others, although I just recently posted it, it's one of my favorites.

This video is a recent video of me performing martial arts techniques at a tournament! It was a great time and im really proud of it!

I have 2 videos I'm proud of....wait 3.

one is where I made fun of Justin Beiber

two is when I died my hair red

and 3 is a skit I made in which I had different Personalities

enjoy :P

This was the video that rekindled my faith in making videos with my friend. please look at our other ones we have made and DFTBA


For me the video I am most proud of is my latest funnily enough. This one just came together and seemed to flow quite well for me. I feel as though my editing is starting to come together as well in this one.

I think the only thing missing is the DFTBA and the Nerdfighters sign at the end 


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