So I really want to start a vlog with other people with totally different lives so we can see how each of us live. It sounds weird but maybe like 3 people from different countries vlog once a week and have footage of what they did and were they live It would be an interesting way to experience different cultures email me at if your interested.


If you have any idea or a better name comment below or email me :)

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I'd be totally down. I'm 19, in college, and living in the midwest in the U.S. 

My channel is if you wanna check me out.

email me at so we can like plan thingies because my youtube is being mean and YOU LIKE EVERYTHING I LIKE YOUR A WHOVIAN POTTERHEAD AHHHHHHHHHH ok I'm done
OH and my youtube is therealmadeline

That sounds awesome. I live in Florida, so Southeast U.S.

My youtube channel is


yes email me and we will plan I'll try to make a youtube soon


UM.........YESSSSSS email me at and we will plan things

I don't know if you feel like you have too many people from le US, but I live on the west coast and would love to join if wanted. Let me know. :) I have like four YouTubes for different purposes, but I promise that I exist. 


And did I hear the words Whovian & Potterhead? <3

YES you can totally join along I need you guys all to email me though
I emailed you, did you get it? I can resend it if you didn't :)

You neeeeeed someone from England!

Libbypwns may wanna collab. I'll ask her.

You can feel free to ask her too.

her youtube channel:

cool can you have her email me too, also I rally need you guys to email me lol


that sounds really cool, i'm 16 , in highschool living in Cananda :)


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