This is a really hard question for me to answer, but personally i think mine would have to be John, for the fact that he said what he wanted to say, and didn't care what people thought (for the most part).


UPDATE: Holy crap, I've been gone from this website for nearly a year, and I just realized that there have been TONS of replies to this discussion so... thanks i guess?

Further note, recently I have been drifting more towards George as a favorite, but John is still up there.

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Paul. I just love him.
I <3 Paul, although John Lennon is my second favorite.
ringo pwns them all.
I would have to say Paul. After looking at the billions of pictures I find, not only is he talented but attractive as well! :]
Ringo! I base my opinion entirely on the films "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Night." So funny and just cool.
Why am I the only one who's favorite is John? lol
No worries, I'm with ya.
Don't worry, John is my favourite too!
yeah mine to
yes it is.
JOHN !!!!!!


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