So, their are many types of dragons form different books and movies. Like Eragon, Dragons and Dungeons, How to Train Your Dragon, and Harry Potter. Of course, there's many other stories which I haven't gotten around to reading, but still post anything/every thing about your favorite dragon and were it comes from.

     I think that Copper Dragons are some of the coolest dragons on Krynn (D&D). They mostly live in the desert and often pull pranks on the weary travelers that venture into their domain.

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Dragonheart is my favorite movie and I love how they made Draco so life like

My favorite is Aragons dragon, but when I was little, I read the deltora series, and the dragons were awesome! When it come to dragonology (the actual study, not a book, not a story, an actual study.) I have taken fondness for the Draco occidentalis maritimus, or European frost dragon. Site: The Dragonology Handbook.

awesome, i used to read deltora, and my favorite was the lapis lazuli. In dragonology, i like the plain European (Draco occidentalis magnus) dragon.

Ecept you can't read deltora for the four out of fifteen books that have dragons in them. I accadentaly read the third serries before the forst, so the whole Leaf becoming king thing was a hug spoioler.

Can you imagine being next to a two hungred year old draco marsupialis or Marsupial?

or riding a european dragon?


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