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North: Bergen county. Anyone else???
Bergen as well! Where about?

Fair Lawn represent

Bergen County too! I've lived in East Rutherford, Ridgefield, Leonia and now Teaneck. 

North Jersey. Hudson county. :3
Central, I guess? Not sure. I'm in Hunterdon County, right across the river from PA. Princeton is a 30 minute drive for me :D
South Jersey, Atlantic County FTW!!
Born and raised North Jersey girl :) But right now I'm in upstate NY for college.
I'm in Middlesex county right now because I go to school at Rutgers, so I guess that central, but after December 21st I'll be up north in Essex County

Rutgers! My best friend goes there too.

Awesome, Rutgers in New Brunswick, or the one in Newark?

She's at New Brunswick, thankfully.  From what I've heard the Newark one is kinda sketchy... (ahh sorry, no offense if you go there!)


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