What parts of the country are other Kiwi NFs from?

I'm living in New Plymouth

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that makes 3 of us, where abouts in chch? :p
i live in heathcote and went to unlimited paenga tawhiti
Auckland :)
Christchurch also, St Margaret's also. Woohoo!
My cousin lives there! :)
Same as D'Alyx and Spazophie. 8D
Dunedin Rules, despite everyone saying it is a hole. We are just the right amount of city living, as we don't have giant traffic jams or psycho gunmen (usually anyhow..). Dunedin is my home and has been for all of my life, and I hope that after I get out there and travel the world, I can return to Dunedin so my children can live in the greatness of it to :) If you live in Dunedin, you are AWESOME! Nerdfighters rule! (:
That makes two of us awesome!
Yay for Dunedin :D....except today it is raining....*groans*, and WOO then I am awesome haha :).
Living in Hamilton but from Mount Maunganui
What year are you in?? :) I can see no others from Wellington :(


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