How do we wanna do this? Do we want to find a certain number of people or are the people we have good now? What ideas do you guys wanna include and stuff :) I just wanted to get a discussion started.

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I would like to do this :)
One thing we could do is each give the person after us a topic to talk about for the next video?
I dunno, let's see how many people want to do it and then start allocating days :)

That's a good idea. We could also make like a theme for that weeks video that we could assign before a video week starts.

Sounds good :) How about we try and time this for the start of the new year? Then we have time to plan and stuff

That sounds like an excellent idea :D

Great ^^ Okay, I'll start thinking of themes and learning to edit videos while we wait for more people to express interest :)

Any chance that there could be room for one more?

I've been wondering how people got to collab channels and my friends are all too shy... or non-existent XD


Of course! We havent figured stuff out yet so we're good to go :)

Awesome! I had an idea. We could all do intros and basically choose "expertises" (i.e. books, video games, cooking, craft, etc.) then others on the channel could give topics of discussion (in or out of the expertise but with the expertises as guides to what the person knows about) for the next week. Just an idea from my half asleep brain. XD

I would LOVE to do this! My friend and I already have a vlog but we only post when we are on breaks from school 

Oh cool :) What's your channel called?

2fangirls, its not the best channel but we are trying to improve it but college has made it kinda hard 

So guys
We need to start doing something about this! Do all of you have like msn or anything?

Also, I was looking through old vlogbrothers video in order to procrastinate revising biology, and came across October 1st: Stuff on Heads. I don't think people do this enough anymore. So I propose a challenge: in each video, for at least part of it, we must have something on our heads. This thing can be anything, but cannot be repeated. Just an idea :)


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