Well people think about strange things at night so it's understandable, right?




What is your favorite number? A friend of mine recently has declared that it is very important for someone to have a favorite number--that it makes things "easier" and such. Anyway--do any of you have favorite numbers? Why? And what significance do certain numbers have?


I figured that since you're nerdfighters and we seems to know these things, it would be more fun to ask it here than research the history and significance of certain numbers...


Thoughts? Opinions?


Again I apologize for the randomness of the topic, but it is 2:30 am...

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Look up numerology it should help I think. It will give you a number corresponding to your birthday: day, month, and year. Although sometimes your name will be added into the equation. However like all things there are inconsistencies in readings. Most of the time I'm given 4 but I was just given 6 because they represent different parts of my being. I will need a professional numerologist to give me a definite answers. Your number is like your astrological sign in the way it tries to read your personality and perdict you future. As always though, it only has as much importance as you let it.
I never considered synesthesia to be about anything but senses, I assign colors to numbers, days of the week, and months. Could I have synesthesia?
That's really interesting--I do assign colors to numbers and things like that. But I'll also look up numerology because that seems interesting too :) Thanks!
My favourite number was always 9 just because it's 3x3. My dad's favourite number is 3. I don't know.
7. I've always liked 7.
My favourite number is 23. It (no joke) follows me everywhere. So I've learned to embrace it. Yes, this is random, but I love people as random as me. :-)

My favorite number is 2 and my lucky number is 3.....I don't know why but they always have been 3 follows me around....and two I just really like that number.



I hardly think mine needs any explaining ;)

mine's 7 and 13.These numbers like a neon color in a sea full of black numbers if that makes any sense.


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