Mine is usually in games and math. So tell me other two people currently in this group and all of those to come...Where is your bad ass domain?

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Lol. One of the two is badass at science and rhetorical analysis. x3
Video games and computers mostly. Teachers come to me when they need computer stuff done. xD
I believe there are now 8 other members. xD
I'm bad-ass at storytelling structure for comics, movies and prose (short stories and novels). This allows me to be a good story-editor/coach as well as strong at adaptation work. I've developed a journey-man's level of producing over the years to get somewhat bad-ass in media production as well. I'm still working on the raising money part. I'd say I'm at journey-man level at the moment.
We could totally have, like, an awsome political/FBI team, here.
Not sure if I am following your logic, Kitty?
storys, can piece things together, math, well that show nemb3rs can explain it. programming and drawing, lab work and police sketches, then computers and science again links back to the crime lab.
Can you be a badass at Sims 3?
I also know I'm a badass at reading! One book in one day! Whoo!
well, i could be considered badass in piano, guitar, computers, logic, philosophy, reading (one john grisham in one hour), confusing people, writing, and graphic art.
I'm a badass at maths and books :D
History, Geography, Reading, Writing, and Witty Commentary.
Witty commentary is always a good one. I'm about 50/50 with that. Fortunately, I don't always say what I'm thinking, so it seems like I'm wittier than I actually am.


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