Hey Ohio nerdfighters,
There appears to be a lot of us who are OSU students, so I was thinking that once the school year starts we should for sure have a Columbus nerdfighter gathering. It wouldn't have to be restricted to OSU students of course, but we do make up a lot of the people in this group.

So, thoughts?
Ideas on what we should do/when we should do it?

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im not a osu student but make a date and ill try and drive up we could do some sort of can drive as well could be fun also costumes would be awesome
this sound awesome! also could we have a nerdfighter grouo on campus that could organize the event from that end.....calling osu nerdfighters!
OSU nerdfighters could be the central organizers, and then invite all the ohio nerdfighters to come!
What big events does OSU have coming up, that we should work around? It would be kewl to do something during a big festival or something but parking on campus is bad enough on tuesday afternoon, let alone the weekends. I am just up High Street from campus, so what ever you guys want to do I am in.
Just did a quick search for events on campus and found a good day for me at least.

Saturday November 20, 2010

It is the saturday before thanksgiving. We can work out a time and a place, I don't know the campus that well, so maybe the oval?
The oval seems like a logical enough meeting place to me.
Ok, so we will meet on the oval, and head somewhere from there, now what is a good time for everyone? I am thinking maybe 3pm?
Ok, How's this sound for a plan. Saturday November 20th, 2010 meet at mirror lake, and then retire to Mirror Lake Creamery and Grill to stay out of the cold and to grab a bit to eat. Not sure yet if the grill is students only so one of you buckeyes can help me out there. Let me know, I would really hate to show up and walk around mirror lake with a copy of paper towns on my head for no reason. :)
Aww I wish I had seen this earlier D: 4 days is a little short notice for talking my mom into letting me drive halfway down the state Dx Booo.
I am thinking of working out another one of these after Christmas. The important thing is to check and check often, also if you have any ideas let me know there may be some fun stuff to do on campus this spring that we may want to tag on, or the holy grail of nerdfighting, get either hank or john over here for it.

I started this and I totally forgot to check for a few months. (I haven't been out of nerdfighteria, just haven't been on the ning) I'm glad that the meetup went well, but we should make another one soon.

The meet went off without a hitch, well sort of. It was nice to wonder around the oval for the first time in years, and to see all the friendly faces that come with the campus view. Sorry if I missed anyone, I didn't stay very long. I did have an idea for a scavenger hunt this spring running around campus. I would like to do this again but we will need to get more input from people for the next one.


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