I'm froooom...southwestern Ohio (Clermont to be slightly more specific) and I know absolutely NO Ohio nerdfighters.
If someone'd be interested in being an email pal (not asking for anything more, obvs !   just online pals that know Ohio isn't a desert and DFTBA ever ! C: ).


I'm 18 and... well a total nerdfighter.
and a geek.
and I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and John Green/Hank Green.
I roleplay Harry Potter stuff and I do some of that 'awesome' modern/personification disney roleplaying stuff...
and I love starkid, particularly starkid potter.

I think that's about all I need to ramble about soooo ...
O-H ------- I-O ! <3

( oh right.  the bright font is because John was signing with Orange sharpie today so... sorry! )

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:) I'm not into roleplay but I like HP pretty well. I've read all the books over and over and own most of the movies so I think that makes me a decent fan, haha. I love LotR and plenty of other YA fantasy fiction (Tamora Pierce, John Flanagan, Cornelia Funke, Jenny Nimmo, etc).

Oh! And I'm in NE Ohio, near-ish Cleveland. I'm more of a word/book nerd than anything else, but I dearly love conversation. I'm 26, married with kids, and I enjoy John and Hank Green's vids very much...even if I don't always agree with them. But that makes it more fun. :)


All that to say, I would like an email buddy if you would. :) I'll message you I guess?

Hey, I'm Kat and I just moved to Cincinnati, I have a similar problem to yours it seems. I know hardly anyone in the area at all, let alone fellow nerdfighters. I'm 21, and live here with my bf. I'm a huge potter nerd, love LoTR, big starkids fan as well. I watch Hank and Johns vids and am really enjoying scishow and crashcourse. I also just read TFIOS, although its the only John Green book I have read, it is for sure on my list of top five. I also like a lot of video games, especially Zelda. 

So yeah hit me up if you would like to chat, let me know where awesome places to go in OH is or whatever. 


I just found this group YAY! XD 

I'm 13 and am a total nerdfighter. I've read The Fault In Our Stars 4 times already. I love Harry Potter, and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. (Hehe I yelled when I saw Red Vines in CVS because I'm just that stupid) I'm a huge Whovian, too. I love Skyrim too. I'm also sad that I forgot to get tickets to the Cleveland DialUp Tour. :(

Hi! I'm also 13, my name's Izzy. I live in Cleveland. TFiOS is pretty much the most amazingest book ever created!!!! I only know 1 Nerdfighter in Ohio, and she's my best friend! We are trying to get tickets to Comicon, Vidcon, and Leakycon 2013 because we missed them this year :(


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