Summer is upon us and that means a lot of free time for many of us (hopefully)!

Has there been any discussion of a nerd-gathering since the one last year?  Let's eat, drink, and be nerdy!


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I'd be up for it, I'm from Beavercreek by the way. So I'm right next to WSU.
I'm up for one, I can travel to wherever in Ohio.
Alright, lets plan for a weekend in August and lets discuss WHERE.
Please don't vote for your hometown just because it's your hometown. Think about where things will be going on (museums, festivals, attractions, ETC) and make a suggestion.

1) When?
a. Aug 6-8
b. Aug. 13-15
c. Aug 20-22
(I don't think going any later than that would be convenient as a lot of Ohio colleges start back at the end of August...)

2) Where?
a. and why?

Discuss :-)
We definatley need to have one. It should be where everyone can conviently go and should be on a weekend. I know a lot of schools have started/are staring soon, but we need to let our awesomeness out! And meeting Hank Green would make all my dreams come true. So, come on people, let's have a Nerdfighter Gathering in Ohio!
Suggestions (I'm in Tipp City, so these are not just places that are convient for me):
or another city that is located somewhere in the middle of Ohio
have one in c-bus!
i am on the bottom tip of ohio so somewere central would be best such as Columbus


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