I know there are quite a few anime movies out there, some of which I've been meaning to watch, such as Paprika and Ghost in the Shell.

However, I was wondering: what are your favorite anime movies?

Some of mine include My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, AIR, and... well, I haven't seen very many besides the Miyazaki films. ^_^;

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I have seen My neighbour totoro, sprited away, kiki's delivery service, go panda go, hinokio (Such a cute movie!), only yesterday, grave of the fireflies, ponyo. I think thats all.

They are all amazing videos! 

My favourite would have to be grave of the fireflies it is the saddest but was such a good story and stuff. 

ghibli/ Miyazaki films seem to be the main ones mentioned on here and for good reason, but i would also like to add Whisper of the Heart, mainly because it opened my eyes of how widespread in genre anime could be, it is more of a romance with no scifi or fantasy involved which i usually find to be in almost every series an movie, I like scifi and fantasy but occasionally its nice to see an anime without it
You know Whisper of the Heart was still a Ghibli film, though not Miyazaki, right?
Actually I was unaware, it's been a long time since I have seen it. Still it is very different from the "average" anime film.
I have seen the pseudo-sequel, The Cat Returns, and I loved that.  I still need to see Whisper of the Heart, but I think I will love it.
Spirited Away, Ponyo, and Hetalia: Paint It White :)

 Princess Mononoke, Kitty's Delievery Service, Spirited Away, Nausica of The Valley of The Wind are my favorites. 

I haven't watched that many but I really liked Summer Wars, and the Cowboy Bebop the Movie. Out of Miyzaki's, my favourites were My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo. I watched Spirited Away when I was about eight, and it was so scary I had nightmares.. Probably if I rewatched it now I would like it more.

My top favorites have to be: Howl's moving castle, Ghost in the shell, and Blood the last vampire


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