The details are a bit fuzzy since it has been a while. It was on really late (I think it was on after Inuyasha). The show was a mecha that was kind of Batman-esque (rich guy, big house, secret lab under house...) For some reason I think of a scene with a car when I think of the show. Don't know if the car was a big part of it or not.

You would think I could think of a show that aired only 10 years ago, but at the time I was on a midnight schedule at work. (Hence why I was up at 2 or 3 in the am watching a mecha.)

Thanks for any help you may have for me.

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Sounds like "The Big O."

You rock! Right out of the gate you got it.

Now the hunt to find where to watch if for free without downloading. (Work won't allow me to DL, bastards.)

Finished 1st season. On to 2nd next time. Love the noir style. BTW Roger does have the baddest eyebrows in anime.

I liked the first season a whole lot more.  Second season dropped the Noir aspect that I loved and became a lot weirder.

It did loose something in the 2nd season, but I still liked it over all. The ending left me saying, "Huh?" I hate when I have to read someone else's interpretations in order to understand.

I am reading the manga now. (I have 12 hours to kill at work I NEED to do something!) Got any suggestions similar to O for my next watch / read?

The Big O was based on another show called Giant Robo.

The most notable similarities are the robots, but it also keeps some of the pulp fiction feel.

I haven't seen very much of it, but what I saw was great.

Thanks. I will check that out later today. I got bored yesterday & found Hatenkou Yugi. I have to finish that up before I move on to another.

Oh... my... god! Did you know there was a live action version? Too funny! Very Godzilla-esque.

The other clips are funny too. Spider-man has a robot?! I'm sending that one to my brother. (He loves Spider-man.) Battle Hawk was my personal favorite.


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