I have had this problem once in a relationship, and it basically caused a rift between us whenever the subject was brought up.  She just didn't see the beauty in Japanese animation that I had.  I'm in a new relationship, where we essentially had this in common from the get go, which makes the associated hobbies of conning, cosplay, and collecting a lot more understandable.  Have any of you ever experienced such an issue in a relationship?  And if so, did you ever work it out?  I've been wondering whether this sort of discrepancy is always a terminal decline in nerd-like.  Thoughts?

Vid related, I just found this on youtube, and it brought these fond memories of my lucks and fails on the subject. ^^;

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The guy I'm currently dating doesn't love anime, but he does like some select shows. It doesn't cause a rift between us, though it can get awkward when I mention shows that I love but he doesn't find interesting. I think it's just differences in taste though, so it doesn't change anything in the dynamics of our relationship.

All the other guys I've dated have been otakus.

I dated this one girl, with whom I had to have the discussion about how it's not childish to watch anime, constantly.  I mean, I was looked down on for it, so I had to give it up for a while until I was single again.  Probably not the healthiest of relationships.  You seem to have been very lucky in this regard. O__o Gratz.


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