Hey guys.  Just wondering who some of your favorite YouTubers are; besides Hank and John obviously, lol. 


I personally like:

Toby Turner - 

Rhett and Link -

Charlie McDonnell -

Charlie's Mum -

Liam -

Micheal Aranda -

Alex -

Dave Days-

Tom Milsom-

Stuart aka. BabelColour -  if you are a Doctorr Who fan, you will love this guy.  He restores bits of old episodes and makes great compilations out of them.

Tell me some of yours if you have any different ones to share! ^_^



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charlieissocoollike; rhett and link; wheezywaiter; Julian Smith

(and gunnarolla but he never updates anymore!)

Luke Conard and Jason Munday and Kristina Horner.  WillsOdyddey and FizzyLimon and RoboFillet.


Other than that, all my favourites are already on the list: Alex, Charlie, Michael Aranda, Wheezy Waiter, Liam, Rhett and LInk.  John and Hank.  

meekakitty, nanalew, booshoe37, owlssayhooot, Joshsundquist, Tom Milsom (his random videos mostly)

Pretty much the usual people too, Luke Conard, Charlie, Alex etc etc

in no particular order: A video game podcast called Noobtube, a lets-player called X, Alex day, tom milsom, wheezy waiter,  meeka kitty, micheal aranda, annnd sxephil.
I love hayleyghoover, nanalew and most of the others you mentioned:)


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