We need to decide on a book.

My suggestion was Looking for Alaska since we are pretty much all here because of John and LfA is the smallest of his books and paperback so cheapest to ship.

If you have any other suggestions or just want to second LfA please feel free to let us know!

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I second Looking for Alaska as I still haven't read it for some unknown reason - well, that's a lie, cause I know the reason is that I am a girl with not so much so I can't buy all the wonderful books I crave :'(
If not LfA, I'd have to go with something small and paperback due to above reasons of having not so much money (N)
I'm going to vouch for Catcher in the Rye or Looking for Alaska. Smaller paperbacks are cheaper to ship. ( :
So, I've just been wondering when this project is going to start? Especially since I'm sure theres not going to be any more suggestions for books. Anyone?
Sorry, we had some issues with being locked out of the email account so I had to create a new one and just finished putting in everyone's information. I'll be sending out an email soon.


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