Anyone think there should be a gathering in the Philly area before summer is over? Or if more people are from a different part of PA to have it where the most people live? Just a thought :)

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YESSS that would be awesome!!
I'm up for it!
Really?! :D Awesome! I was afraid nobody would reply to this. Does anyone know a good place to have it?
I would like to do something like that. Preferably on a weekday. What time is good for everyone else?
Any time is good for me.. and as far as a place goes I think a park type thing like Rittenhouse Square would be good.. that is if everyone is close to the city..
Anytime works for me. And Rittenhouse Square sounds good too.
I still want to plan a Philadelphia meet up, maybe sometime around Thanksgiving if anyone is interested, but I can't plan it alone so if anyone wants to help that'd be great :)
That would be amazing! I'd try my best to make it, though I can't guarantee anything. Plus, I think a friend of mine (also a nerdfighter) will be visiting around Thanksgiving.
yesss do it do it
We should totally do this!!!
Yes pleasee! I really want to plan one, would someone want to help me plan it?
sure i find any effective social gathering needs
2. inexpensive entertainment

that being said im sure we can come up with something cool


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