I know there have been topics about this before, but I am a nerdfighter just outside the city and I'm dying to go to a nerdfighter gathering, but i don't think my mom will let me go unless it's something official because of the whole strangers from the internet thing. I don't know what to do. I saw the vid aboutthe pittsburgh gathering and I'm kind of upset because it's 5 hours from where I live, which is so terrible because i'm going to have to sit through and just know that I'm missing it. not trying to be melodramatic but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about upcoming gatherings.

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hmmm..let's see. I guess we need to pick a location that would work. or at least a place to meet like Love Park or in front of the Franklin Institute or something. Then I guess we gotta figure out something to do/when to have it

I actually really wanted it to be in a park somewhere, but then it got really cold out all of a sudden. But, now it's blissfully warm again. I think Love Park would be perfect, it's just a matter of finding activities in the surrounding area.

Ah I know! The weather is so unpredictable lately. A park would be a great place to have it depending on when we have it. I just sent out a message to everyone in this group about this. I'm thinking we should organize a bunch of people who want to come/want to help plan and have a big Skype chat. 

Is anyone looking to go to the the dial-up tour in philly? I want to go but don't have anyone to go with :(

Also the Harry & the Potter's Yule Ball

What's the dial-up tour? I'll consider going to the Yule Ball, I have to see if I'm busy or not.

The dialup tour is with livelavalive, meekakitty, and nanalew

I'm going to the Dial Up tour with some friends. 


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