I figured the Pittsburgh nerdfighters really need to develop their community a little more and I'm so into doing a gathering somewhere. I'm in Oakland, so I was thinking perhaps a meetup at Carnegie Library -before- John Green comes to town, and then maybe the day of before the talk. :)

Anyone else up for it???

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Let's DO THIS!!! You know I am all for it :)
Yep, yep.
I'm in, that would be amazing.
sure :)
I'm totally up for it, too.
OK so what day would work for you all? A Saturday possibly?
I don't have my work schedule for next semester yet, so I'm not sure.
I was thinking the first meetup should possibly be in December so that by January we're all like "PITTSBURGH NERDFIGHTER ARMY OF AWESOME."
well, I'm on winter break starting the 16th, and I genuinely don't know if I'll have any time between now and then =\

When do you have finals?
The week of the 12th or something around there. My last/only real final is the 14th. (yeah, I got lucky this semester...)
Heh, I have two finals, one of them is a real one, and the other, she's letting us bring notes and everything :) I just have a bajillion final projects >./body>
I'm good for any day basically.


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