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I haven't really done much lately... I did draw a picture of Lord Voldemort with Fone Bone's nose though.
my crazy levels are running low right now. I often, when my parents aren't home to interrupt, will plug my iPod into our house's main stereo, turn the volume really loud, and march around the house, bellowing the songs until I get caught by someone.
Convinced my non-nerdy PE class to play muggle quiddich. Although, because they hadn't read Harry Potter, it took a fairly long time to explain. Not really that crazy, but definatly fun.

Me and my friends always joke about us belonging in a Mental Ward. So then we decided to at like it. We wrapped our arms around ourselves like we were in straight jackets. and stared at eachother, started saying random things like "I see dead people....." "Why is there a talking sword?" "Oh, look, a giant crayon! Maybe it'll help us!"

I had randomly plopped over on my side at one moment, the shot straight up and yelled "KITTY!!!!! COME HERE KITTY!!!!!!!" Right in front of her. It was really fun. We tried to fight eachother while moving around on our knees (trust me, it's really hard to back up while kneeling), and we kept on falling down and giggling like 5yr. olds.

hahaha sweet i am just like that. me and my bestie wore tutus to the mall and kept creeping ppl out with creepy looks LOL...and other stuff.....
I ask people that I'm not even that close friends with if they'd like a hug, generally when they're looking grumpy. I moo at my friends as a form of greeting. I stare at people reeeeeeally hard, and when they start to look uncomfortable, I go BAZINGA! :D

lol thats AWESOME. if somebody is bein real quiet, i will walk up behind them all stealthily  and stick my face next to theirs until they feel my presence and see me hahaha

i walked all around in a store playing some bongo drums that were for sale.....and i stuck a giant monkey in somebodies cart when they werent looking.......and i ran around my neighborhood wearing a cape ;D and this is just SOME of the stuff ive done.
i sang opra really lound in target while playing lego batman
I hope you realise, that this title is the opening to a Kill Hannah song called "Crazy Angel".

I went to my school camp out and theme park trip dressed as a Ninja.

Thats awesome. I happen to be writing a Parody of "Stayin Alive" for Minecraft. ^_^


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