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I recently had an ice fight with a friend at a restaurant, after she persistently put menus over the screen of my Macbook. Doesn't sound like much until I mention there were 15-20 other people in that room.

I keep on saying stuff I don't want too say

and thewn look up and say

'Shut up brain'


I haven't done much weird stuff lately, but I'm going to start giving out free hugs.

My two best friends (one of them is a guy and he skips like a real man) and I all linked arms and skipped down the hall singing "pie, pie, mathematical pie, 3.14159.....!" on our way to math class. We did this yesterday and our math teacher busted out laughing at us.

Well, today at walmart I sang into some shampoo bottles and then attempted to use them as maracas.  

I just watched the birthing video in health. People were grossed out and some almost fainted. I was eating popcorn XD


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