Although I love every song he's crafted, I'd have to say Indigo is my favorite. 

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I love Indigo. That and Porphyrophobia are my favourites.
We Made a Film is probably my favorite Tom Milsom Song of all time. :)
indigo is the best!! i get soo happy when i lisen to it^^
I know exactly what you mean. It just makes people happy. :D
Indigo. Definitely, I love it.
I love "We Made A Film" and "A Song About A Person On A Train" :)
i'd have to say we made a film and mixtape are my two favorites although the eyelashes song he did with alex comes very close :D
I really like 'Indigo' but he did a poem over you tube that isn't technically on the album and I like it a lot. It's called 'The Shore'
Animals is cool, and his rap is completely made of awesome
I love Indigo,but after watching Stickaid 2010, it has to be the "OMG Charlie song".That was pure brilliance. :)
I love Ballad of a Lonely Fan Girl lol he is a musical genius and although the subject was hilarious, the song was sooo cute and brilliant, especially for improve
Rhyme and reason.
It`s so cute.


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