So who's your favorite greek god in the books?

Mine is Hades.
I love his relationship with Persephone and Demeter, it seems really... normal.

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My favorite god(dess) would be Athena. I did a project on her in fourth grade, and she's been my favorite ever since.
In the books, my favorite god would be probably Hades--just because he's supposed to be OMGSOEVIL in a lot of other stuff about Greek mythology (Hercules the movie, for one), and in Percy Jackson he's not.
I also like Iris, Hermes, and Morpheus (and basically all of the Olympian gods, really).
I love Artemis to death!
i love Hestia for some reason! i just have sence ive heard of her. but out of all i dont know. i love most of them!
I love artemis and my second favorite is Athena
GoddESS - Artemis. :) Because she's awesome.
Does Hades remind anyone else of Snape?
:) Win.
Haha!  Yes  xP
I think Hestia is my favorite.  Maybe Kalypso.

out of the book, hades.

but my favourite god in total is probably hermes.


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