ok like the awesome title says anything and everything about the book goes!!! that means feelings, ideas, and most definitely PREDICTIONS! come on show off your Apollo side and make Octavian jealous!!

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What should Ella and tyson's ship name be? I love them!. I personally hope the main kiddos sort their love lives out like this: Percy/Annabeth Reyna/Jason Leo/Piper and Hazel/Frank. I'm disappointed that Julia didn't get more page time, her haracter had so much potential, but I feel like it was kind of wasted

If you read the Kane Chronicles, Julia is a lot like Shelby, or even Felix.  She's not meant to be a main character, she's meant to be a presence.  Like an aquaintance of the character.  And I looooved Julia.  Everything from her cartwheels to the gaps in her teeth to the party hats.


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