The title explains it. Which God or Goddess would be your parent? 

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My friends and I talk about this all the time, after we all read the books. We agree that my fiance would probably be a son of Ares, or possibly Apollo, My friends Gretchen & Andrew would both be children of Dionysus. My friend Raven would be one of the hunters of Artemis. But everyone who knows me agrees wholeheartedly that I'd be a child of Poseidon. I love water more than just about anything. I'd rather go swimming or sailing more than just about any outdoor activity. I also love horseback riding, and when I was a child, I had a collection of toy pegasi and unicorns. So, despite the pact of the Big 3, I'd totally be in Cabin 3.
I've thought about this, and my mom always loved Zeus, and that answered my question. Haha.
I always imagined myself to be a Big 3 kid. I'm a leader, most definately. I love thunder and lightning storms.
I've always liked flying, but I don't have a fear of it like Thalia. I always thought I'd be a Big 3 kid. Not sure why, but I've always had a feeling. (: So, I'd probably be a Zeus kid.
I'd like to be Athena or Artemis being my two favorite goddesses but they're the maiden ones.....
So I dunno.
I would think, or hope, either Athena or Poseidon.
I think my Olympian parent would be Poseidon. I've always loved the sea and I've always felt most at home in the sea. I love and respect its power.
I wish I could breathe under water...
so i would like to think that my olympian parent would be either zeus or poseidon, cause besides them being awesome you obtain awesome powers like percy's and thalia's but if i'm being realistic probably athena.. nay i know athena would be my parent
I think I would either be the son of Poseidon, or Hephaestus; because I love fire and water more than anything.
Daughter of ATHENA! All the way!!!
Pan (don't judge. I was old enough to be born before he died!), Dionysus, or Athena :P

uuh, i don't realy know.

i'm not much of a swimmer, so not poseidon, i'm not very violent, so not ares, i can't fire an arrow (beleive me i've tried, im a terrible shot) so not apollo or artemis, i suppose i could be a child of athena, or possibly hepheastus (i'm pretty good with machines) i might be a child of hades or zeus, because their children don't really hold any particular characteristics that i've noticed. i'd love to be hades son, being able to talk to the dead would be amazing.

I think I'd be Athena, Apollo or Hermes. Because I like history and school (true nerd), but I also love music and am a tad bit creative, but then also, I like languages and traveling.
ARES and MARS all the way no lie


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