I'm critical deist, and a part of that is that we don't really know or don't believe in a heaven and a hell. So what do you guys think?

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I'm agnostic, so no...I don't believe there is such a thing.
I believe that someone dies, and that's it. They decompose.
I don't think there's any reason to believe in an afterlife except to make the aspect of death more bearable; I believe our consciousness dies with our brains.
There is probably no heaven or hell.
No heaven no hell. As an atheist, I don't believe in any of this bullshit. And no god.
I do not believe that there is a heaven or hell, Mostly i think that when you die you simply cease to exist. Not that i think that nothing could possibly happen after death but the idea of some floating cloud place filled with angels is silly.
The whole floating cloud place filled with angels IS silly, I agree. mostly parents told this to their kids to make the aspect of death more bearable for them (so they don't freak out) I know this because thats what my grand mother used to tell me. I remember being so scared about it that she even had to convince me that they gave chicken broth in heaven (my favorite food by the way)
I can't say what exactly I believe...I grew up catholic so I consider myself one, but sometimes I wonder if and why I believe there is an after life in heaven or hell. I never read the bible and the last time i've been to church was at my little cousins communion in 2007. so what's my explanation? Do i believe in heaven, so I can live through life thinking one day , i'll live in some place better? Will I only do good deeds so I don't end up in hell? Is it cause were scared or do we actually want to do something good for others?
so I guess for me it comes down to this: option one= You believe in heaven and hell to bare with the aspect of death (for yourself and loved ones) which would obviously be preferable and much nicer to think about
OR option two=
you think logically, meaning in after death, your mind and "spirit" cease to exist. Nothing happens, just the normal cycle of life. Just like Michelle said "our consciousness dies with our brains"
Most would love to believe option 1. but its so confusing and wierd
I'm still undecided...but i do believe in some extent
gah! frustratinggg!
Guys, I don't mean the cliched view of heaven and hell, I mean the idea of it, a place where you are rewarded or punished for your actions, perhaps the last memory you have before you die is based on your guilt, if you feel guilt, maybe your mind goes into a loop of the worst thing that happened in your life, and if you have no guilt, maybe you go into a loop of the happiest moment of your life.
Perhaps you can explain why you are a deist? I come from a Reformed Baptist Christian background, but I like thought experiments.
Well, I read some of the bible when I was a kid, and it made sense, then I read it again when I was 14, and a lot of it contradicts itself (ergo: We have free will, but god has a plan for us). That, and I had a hard time believing every word, why god would name homosexuality as a sin, when it's not controlled, and every other sin is voluntary. I would be atheist if the chances of the big bang weren't so slim, something, an astrological event, a conscious being, had to put it in motion. And that is why I am a critical deist.
Defined our character? People get their characters through their role models, events in their lifetime, stuff like that. If god did define our character, he'd have to intervene to control what kind of people are around others, violating free will.

Homosexuality is defined as a sin, it's not if you get married to another man or woman, then you can have all the sex you want. They define homosexuality itself a sin, you're saying loving another man or woman is fine, but sex with them isn't. That's clearly biased, why wouldn't god be fine with everyone, married beforehand, to express their love. Unless he thinks that the only purpose to have sex is to have a baby, which it's not, since it's an action of showing your significant other how beautiful you think they are.

I don't want you to take this as me trying to be a dick to you or anything Luke, you have a right to your beliefs, and I have a right to mine. I'm not trying to slander the words of your religion. I'm just telling you my opinion.
Why is it wrong for God to be biased here? Bias is necessary for many things, such as acquiring knowledge.
Most of us don't believe in afterlife, or admit no knowledge of it. To me, I would think that heaven and hell may be a psychological event.
Well, I only use the term deist as an open ended thing, I've said before to people on the site, "Whether god is a conscious being or an astrological event, I don't know." Also, it's not like I believe the traditional christian god, that's constructive deism, I just believe in some catalystic being or event.

And honestly, why would you criticize my religion, I don't criticize yours whatever it may be. THAT'S being cynical.


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