I was completely unaware that my life was incomplete and then one day in the "Recommened For You" box on my YouTube page was an innicent little link.
It said, "A Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 1"
I clicked it because it said "Potter" and "Musical"
I am a sucker for any musical, but I had my misgivings...I was absolutely blown away!
It is one of the best musicals I have ever seen, and I've been to Broadway!

I love that it is fan-made and yet makes fun of the books/movie as well.
It is, in a word, perfect. I have to stop typing because I'm depressed!
How could I have now known about it?
AND, I'm in Michigan!
I could have gone to see it live!

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i just found it, too. it was actually here that i learned about it. but then, i was late to jump on the HP train. (ha! i was going to change it to bandwagon, but realized train is fitting.)

i saw "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" episode of Potter Puppet Pals before reading the books and i didn't even watch past 10 sec. i watched it the other night and thought it was hilarious!

so yeah. don't be depressed for not discovering AVPM. at least you weren't walking into bookstores years back, and when you saw the end caps filled with HP books thought, "what the hell is the big deal?" that was me. *hides in the corner in shame*
It's ok...I still don't get the Lord of the Rings thing...

Before all the LOTR fans attack me, let me just say:

I have at least 5 close friends who LOVE Lord of the Rings, I enjoyed the Hobbit a lot and would even put it in my top ten book list, and I have TRIED to read LOTR multiple times...I just couldn't get into it.
I'll try them again, eventually, but I have a list of about 30 books I want to read right now.

Lord of the rings if you don't have the time or are interested in books that are more like drawn out poems isn't a great series to even start reading because they tend to get boring really fast. I was more into the movies, but i did read all three books which ended up being for school and it was very hard to read them all because you were only given a short time to get each of them read and if you loose interest... then your SOL.
Yea, I've tried a couple times to get through them and couldn't.
One friend told me "If you force yourself to read them, once you're done, you'll think they were really good."
Reading is fun for me, I don't want to force myself to have to read anything...
Forcing your way through a book is like forcing yourself through the ingestion of 13 peeps, sure you'll be able to say 'look what I did' but in the end all that effort is for nothing. Personally I'm a LOTR fan, read then front to back when I was 11 and fell in love but it's the kind of literature that you either have a taste for or you don't. :) Way too many awesome books out there to waste time forcing it :P
Try forcing your way through 38 Peeps and then talk to me again.  THAT was painful.  Actually, physically painful.  :)
bandwagon is fitting too. when harry sings the "hey dragon" song he sings:
"you never asked to be a dragon! i never asked to be a champion! we both jumped on this BANDWAGON! and all we need is guitar jammin'!"

I totally didn't get the Potter Puppet Pals thing.  It was cute, but not that funny.

Hey hey hey, that was me too...
Haha! I read the first two LOTR books, but the third is SO hard to get through. It's just like "Frodo and Sam trek to Mordor..." for over half the book. I absolutely adored the movies though.

I discovered AVPM when a friend of mine posted the link to first act on facebook. I watched the first bit and was like "eh, whatever" then during the summer I was bored and everyone in the fandom was like AVPM!! So I watched it... and love it... and have the soundtrack. It's wonderful.
I found out about it from MA's tweet. :)


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