Voldemort: You would think that killing people would make them like you but it doesn't.  It just--it just--it just makes them dead.

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Ron: Redvines: What the hell can't they do?
Ron: "No it's not that. It's Hermione! It's just like, I can't get her out of my head. And every time I look at her I get these pains in my chest and I just know it's her fault. That BITCH!"

*Ginny walks in*

Snape: Ah! Ginger! *runs away*

Voldemort: "Don't make me laugh, I'm pissing!"

favorite way to say red wines in a german accent


Where have you been all my life?!
Oh, in a cupboard, under some stairs!

That's Lavender Brown! RACIST, sister!

Just loved it I dont know why lol


"Redvines. What the hell can't they do?."
"Pigfarts. Is on Mars. You need, a rocketship. Do YOU have a rocketship Potter? You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died! Ohh, look at this. Starkid Potter. Mooonshoes Potter! Traversing the galaxy in intergalactic missions to Pigfarts."

"My name is Draco Malfoy, I am a racist. I hate gingers, and mud-bloods. I despise Gryffindor house, and my dad works for the man who killed your parents. Would you like to be my friend?"
Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy -- "You know Goyle, using the potty's not so bad! I don't know why I was afraid of it all these years. You know, I think I was concerned about falling in, but! I have found, that if you climb on top of the potty, and put one foot on either side of the potty-hole-rim . . .get a firm footing . . . that I'm actually, quite safe! And you know, using the potty's a great time to socialize. You simply look over into the stall next to you and you say, have a right chat with your neighbor. 'Well hello there, good sir! First time using the potty too, eh? Good luck, my man!' And then, you simply squat, like so . . " -- squats as if over a potty x] " and I do my business. . . . . . . In my diaper as usual. And then I undo the side-latches, and let the diaper simply fall into the potty. Yes, father will hear of this!" -- proudly walks away.
"I can't sleep on my tummy." "Muggles have their place, Mudbloods have their place, and so do your clothes! NAMELY, A DRESSER!" "You know, I've never had a friend before. Every time someone tries to get me to open up, I just kill them, you know? Oops!" "You'd think killing people would make them like you, but it doesn't. It just makes them dead!"


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