Hey guys! So I saw one of these on FB for AVPS and it's basically just writing the whole of A Very Potter Musical! Thought it might be fun to see how far we get and hey! If we finish it we can always move onto AVPS though....AVPS is actually before AVPM if you think about it...but let's just go with AVPM. I'll start us off!


Underneath these stairs, I hear the sneers and feel the glares of my cousin, my uncle and my aunt.....

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Gryffindors: whhaaa? why?


Snape: For Miss Grangers excessive baby fat (:


Ron & Harry: Thanks, Hermione.

Traditionally the house with the most points at the end of the year would win the house cup. However this year we're doing something different. Here to introduce it is our new professor of defence against the dark arts.....Proffessor Quirrel!
Harry: ohh owwwowwwowww...
Hermione: Harry, what's wrong?
Quirrell: The House Cup, a time honoured tradition. For centuries -

Hermione: The House tournament began with first generation of Hogwarts students

Quirrell: That was a rhetorical question

Dumbledore: Granger, quit interrupting! 20 points from Gryffindor

Ron: Thanks Hermione

Dumbledore: geez. for the cleverest witch of you age, you can really be a dumbass sometimes.

*everyone laughs*

ohhh, 10 points to Dumbledore!

Yes, yes well it will be very dangerous, but the winner will be remembered as a hero for ages to come
professor, i dont know if you just heard me, but i said somebody DIED.

^^^(to my earlier comment) OOPS. too early.

sorry guys <3


this is all from memory (:

Let's just skip that little bit, it'll be rather messy to clean up lol! Let's just continue! Come on guys! Let's get to the end! haha! Let's start again from here:

Yes, Yes well it will be very dangerous but the winner will be remembered for ages to come. And as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, I think that this...practical application is exactly what the curriculum needs to..




Dumbledore: Did your turban just sneeze?


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