Lets see-

What is your favorite... flavor? toppings? style?  -whatever!

Where is it from? Homemade? Annoyingly famous?  A nice little Mom-and-Pop place? 


My favorite is Pineapple & Mushroom from a place called House of Pizza [HOP to those who like it] in Lancaster ^_^ and hey- don't knock it till ya try it



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I like cheese or mushroom or sausage . . . basically meatlovers pizza

I love the thin crust salami pizza from this place called Pormodoro.

I prefer the simple things, so my favourite topping is mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce (or, as we call it here, margherita), the easiest one to prepare ^^ I like to cook it at home with my brother. The best pizza I've ever eaten is, hmmm, the one that I tried in Tuscany some years ago. It was really thin.

I make my own pizza and my favorite would have to be broccoli, pepper (hot and sweet), tomato, pineapple, fresh mozzarella, basil, oregano, rosemary, crushed red pepper flakes, and red sauce.


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