Valve memes are always favorite, but people are argueing that Space Core has more internets than the cake.



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Space Core is really funny, but Cake is awesome....   


Can't we all just get along and have both? We could SHARE out Cake with Space Core... In space. 

Unless the cake IS a lie... then Space Core and I would be in space without any cake!  Oh god!  If THAT happens I think I would take Space Core on a date to Pigfarts and there Professor McGonigill could direct us to the kitchen where I would ask space house elves to supply Space Core and I a cake. 

I'd have to say cake, I couldn't live without it


No contest.

Space w1ns.

Every t1me.


1n space you get to eat cake from a tube.

L1ke chocolate toothpaste.


...But 1 guess 1'm sl1ghtly b1ased see1ng as 1 pract1cally AM the space core.


1 love you space.

1 do.





That's not an option!!!

but if it was, I would have picked it!
Space. Discussion = over.
Eat cake in space. Problem solved.


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