Professor Snape would be ashamed. I canNOT make a potion to save my life (which, who knows, may be necessary someday.) Its just so HARD. Am I the only one like this? Maybe I'm just a Neville. :p

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you're not alone.  i mean i know Pottermore and my computer have issues, but still

Don't worry, it took me like 20 tries to make the simplest potion. Maybe it's just my computer, which really slow. My sister has tried it on another computer and she can do it just fine.

I can't do potions either. My computer isn't slow, I just think I am :') I gave up on it after a while, I much prefer dueling, although I did need a bit of practise at that too at first....

Reading that back I think I do suit my house (Gryffindor).... 

Yeah, I'm pretty sure its me, not my computer. I'm not sure what it is, but it takes me forever to find the right thing and measure it out, and in the meantime that dumb timer's run out. :p I just need to practice more, although I like spells much better. I haven't dueled yet, though. I don't think I'm ready. :)

wow...been a while since i've been on again...

Same here! I haven't been able to make even the most basic of ones!

Have no fear. I completely fail when it comes to potions!! I have to at least have about 3 tries until I can finish them in the time limit, and that's an improvement! What book/chapter is everyone up to?


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