I have a Dogwood Dragon core wand that is surprisingly swishy and 9 3/4". What do you have?

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14 1/2'' of pear with unicorn hair that is slightly springy...

Mine is an 11 3/4 in. Dogwood Unicorn core which is unyielding.

  • 12 1/2 inches, Sycamore, Dragon core, Hard

I got Dogwood, Dragon core 12", slightly springy :D

12 1/4" ash, unicorn hair, and unyielding

12 1/2", English Oak, Dragon core, slightly yielding

I have a 14 1/2 inch phoenix feather hard ebony wood.

Pine and Phoenix Feather, quite bendable

14 1/2" with cedar wood that has a phoenix feather core and its quite bendy... and its light brown.

14 1/2 inch rowan with phoenix feather.

Mine is Larch and Unicorn Hair, 14 1/2 inches, and rigid.

I find it hilarious that my wand is bigger and harder than that of my boyfriend ~8)

12 3/4" hazel w/ a phoenix feather, hard


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