Hey everyone... Why don't we get started with what actually got us interested in psych? 


I am from Latvia... Spent my teenage years with all the wrong people... Got into fights and gangs... And when people around me started to become subjects of different problems, addictions and so on... I just did everything to change... Currently I am in the UK, studying psychology which was my way out of all that... And my goal is to help other kids not to go down the wrong way... :)

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My former history teacher's father is a psychologist, so in 10th grade he gave a mini-lecture on various ego defense mechanisms. I don't even remember what the pretense was, I just knew that the stuff fascinated me. I went into college undecided, and over the course of three semesters the only classes that didn't drive me crazy were the series of psych courses I took. So, now it's my major. Woot.


Research is my goal, I don't trust myself to solve my own problems, nevermind others.

So what branch do you focus on? Social? Cognitive? (I'm not going to list them all) :D
I haven't really picked anything but right now I'm leaning towards the cognitive/neurosciency areas.

I think the reason I got interested was Hitchcock´s Psycho.The idea of SPOILER ALERT a person having two personalities fascinated me so much.At the age of 11 I started reading anything psychology related I could find... SPOILER ALERT


Of course I later learnerd that there were many things besides psychopathologies,but that was what  got my attention.

Now I´m really into neuroscience and cognitive.My goal is to especialize in both and use them to help chidren with learning disabilities....

Haha yeah I have crazy mother syndrome as well. Never formally diagnosed of course ;) I'd like to do that myself some day.
I like research, and I like trying to figure people out, and people always said I was "intuitive" with people. (With understanding them, not with socializing with them. That I'm bad at.) That, plus I've had social anxiety disorder since I was really little, so I already had an interest in psychology. Now it's my major! Woohoo!
I've always been interested in why we do certain things, how people form their ideas/personalities, why people think certain ways, and I love watching people's facial reactions. This intense curiosity has led me to become a psychology major :) I'm not sure *exactly* what I would like to do, but I know I do like helping other people when they are in times of need and want help. Then again there is research, and that could be very interesting as well!

I've got half a sociology undergrad, but want to be a therapist...and hope to be back in school this fall. I've been in and out of therapy all my life...but nonetheless am better at figuring out other people's problems than my own.

(Typically the way it works, no?)

I have a really bad case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a childhood I wouldn't wish on anybody. I get panic attacks, anger problems, take meds for depression, get easily stressed, often feel mental agony these days.

Tres annoying.

I like helping sort people out.  Some people like figuring out jigsaw puzzles.  I like figuring out people. More challenging and fun.



As far as I know, I have found everyone I've met to be insane...kinda...and I went through my house's storage and found a textbook on psychology. 

The book was amazing, because it had all the little examples and comics and pictures, and taught an intro to each subject. Sociology is what I've studied the most, and hope to perfect.

I took AP Psych in school and I absolutely loved it. It was one of the classes where I didn't mind reading from the book because the stuff we learned was so interesting.
I got interested in Psychology through my grandfather. I'm really into what makes people act the way they do, nature vs. nurture, and that sort of thing. I'm still in high school so I've been pretty much unable to explore my intrest in an academic form, i.e. through school, but I do read quite a bit. :)

I got interesting in psychologyu because i have been watching Criminal Minds since i was like 8 years old. I have always found it interesting so i took a psyc course in 10th grade, and this year I did a University Dual credit course (you get a high school credit and a university equivelent) and i plan to take AP Psychology next yeear! :)


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