I have an idea! Since we all appear to love to write here, I have discovered a little exercise for us (Dr. Noise and my English teachers gave me the idea. Okay, I stole it, but that's not the point!). It involves Two (or more, but two is ideal) Nerdfighters.

What the first Nerdfighter does is write the beginning paragraph of a story. Then her Nerdfighter partner writes another paragraph. And the first Nerdfighter writes another...and so on until both partners have agreed the story is completed. The easiest way to do this would be by email. It's called Tandem Writing.

And the stories could be about anything! Fanfic, Sci-fi, Fantasy, YA fic, Romanticism, whatever! Though, I would keep it away from slash, because that sort of thing is not for everyone ;).

So, what do yu guys think?

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Hmmm...I think just see where it goes. I mean, don't do anything that could be considered offensive to the other person (cause not everyone is comfortable writing femslash) or anything, but I think it's important for the story to have freedom to go wherever.

btw, if anyone wants to do this with me my email is
That sounds like a really fun idea. It would be really interesting to see where it goes. We might come up with a great story.
If anyone wants to do this with me my email is : )
I don't really know how picking is happening, but would you like to write with me? I can PM you my email.
I love this idea.

If anyone wants to write with me:
Cool Idea.. I am in

Oh! ^^ My grandmother used to play this "game" with me when I was very little. It was so much fun!

If you would to partner with me, just send a message over to or through PM here. Thank you!

Sounds fun! PM me if anyone wants to.

Hi. So...if anyone is still interested...I think this sounds like an amazing idea.

My email is purealaskandreams @yahoo if anyone wants to begin.

Or you can PM me.

Or you can ignore this...


My email is if anyone would like to start a story with me.


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