Just wondering, because my folks have no idea and my friends haven't come out about it either. So who have you told?

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my mom.
I told my mom last summer that I wasn't straight, but she doesn't know exactly what I am, and I'm not totally sure she took me seriously.

All of my friends know, and thanks to a text message that got leaked, most of my school knows.
My mom has been with Renee, (a womyn) for 8 years now. Telling her I'm bi wasn't a problem.
Getting up the guts to tell my dad was. (he was remarkably cool. At first, I wasn't sure he heard me!)
However, telling my best friend-who-is-a-girl was pretty hard. Thank god she took it well.
I can't really imagine what it would be like to be hated, or not accepted by your parents.
I guess I really have it good.

I'm pretty open, so most of my cast for the show I'm in now probably could guess.
Ha, wow that's great for you guys. I don't really know if I could ever tell them. I don't think they'd take it so bad, probably be very shocked, but I don't know how I could actually tell them.
Hi Vanessa, Mom here. Well, this was a very good way: you go on a 3-day Model UN trip, and leave your computer on right near mine. So, because your brother is on FB on mine, I use yours to look up something online. Then just for the fun of it I look to see what sites are in your Favorites folder, and come upon this page....yes, shocked is a good word. I was glad you weren't home at the time, as this gives me a few days to mull it over and decide on how to approach YOU about the fact that I know now. I bet your friends here are upset that I looked in your Favorites, but hey, I'm your mother and I have the duty to be informed about what you are into and to protect you from anything that is not safe...I don't like some of the other web sites you visit~ Really, a chat room with strangers??!! You should know better than that, you're smarter than that. That's the one I'm more upset about!

Anyway, I read all the replies from the people here, and my only advice (for what its worth) is why do you feel like you need to tell ANYONE? It's nobody's business but yours. Of course, as an *old fashioned* Mom, I'd rather you were not having sex with anyone while you're young and vulnerable ... when you're an adult and mature and on your own, then people will figure it out~ and you are your own person, and a VALID one at that~ and if people don't accept you for who you are (parents included) that is THEIR PROBLEM and try not to let it depress you. Of course it hurts (for you and your parents) but if you just continue to love them and be kind it probably will eventually be accepted. They will always love you~ we can't help it~ it's just that with some things, we just can't relate to it.
I've told both my parents. I couldn't read Dad's reaction and mom's in denial.
I told my family, but I'm pretty sure they thought I was joking. I guess eventually they'll get that I was serious.
my friends at school, and apparently due a blunder my friend made my sister, but she's never brought it up.
Kelli C if what happened to you happened to me, well that's what i'm afraid of, whenever you try to talk seriously to my parents they do a little snigger, almost really like a brief expulsion of air, like a tire being let down for a second.
I don't want that to be the case, i want them to take me seriously. (although, on a lighter note, if you saw the way i act and talk, i don't think they're completely in the dark, if you know what i mean.) =]
EDIT: After reading the replies to this topic, i can't help but feel that the older generation can't take our generation seriously unless it involves crime or obesity. This annoys me, to be honest.
I think a big part of it is the "It's a phase" mindset, which I personally don't get.

Maybe that was a common phase for people when they were growing up, but I haven't seen anyone come out and then go back into the closet, like, ever?

I mean, yeah, most kids go through a goth/emo phase.
But not a gay stage.

And if they do, they sure as hell don't advertise it.

I plan on telling them when and if I become seriously involved with a girl. Before then, I don't think it really matters if they know.
My parents both know, but my mom seems to be in denial. She thinks I "narrowly" define "deep friendships" as "sexual". She told me I never TALK about girls so I MUST be straight...(the reason I don't talk about them is she gets uncomfortable and says "Well, I think you like her as a friend...that sounds like a friendly're obviously just close friends"). She also believes those who are LGB "Act different" and I act "Too normal". She says "18 is far to young to know something like that." Really? I think the next time she says that I'm going to be like, "I kissed a girl and I liked it...GET OVER IT."
Well, I'm out since March 3rd 2003. It was a struggle. My mum wasn't that happy at first but soon after she spoke to a gay co-worker and friend, she got used to it.
My dad and I didn't speak a word for alsmot six months, living in the same flat. My mum always had to transmit messages. Kind of cruel I know.
I think he still is not used to it, at least that's what my aunt told me a few months back.
My friends know it all, and yes it was quite difficult to tell them at first. It was easier to talk to my female frinds than to the male ones. One of my friends even looked like I told him that I would be in love with him - I had to tell him that this was not the case.


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