Everyone's favorite Ravenclaws? Mine are: Padma, Luna, Cho, Penelope, Rowena, Helena, and Flitwick. Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein, and Roger Davies are cool as well. :)

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I'm surprised no one has asked this question before! Bonus points to you!
My favourites Ravenclaws are Luna Lovegood, because I relate to her and Snape most out of any of the characters in the book, and Helena Ravenclaw, because she has such an interesting back story. I never really liked Cho and you didn't really get to know any other Ravenclaws, so I think I'm just going to leave it at those two. But, obviously, anyone who's in Ravenclaw is made of awesome anyway, so... It goes without saying.
Luna is pretty much my idol, that pretty much why I don't care what people think of me. Sure, I dress weird, have crazy/odd habits and go against the stream. But if you get to know me I'm quite a wonderful person. The people who know me love me and that's all I care about. I could care less if people think I'm crazy. I am who I am. I even made myself a Butterbeer cork necklace and I have dirigible plum [radish] earrings I wear almost 24/7. My runner up is Helena though.
I hated Cho. With a passion.

And everyone ever loves Luna. Come on. What is there not to like? She's freaking adorable!

I always hated Cho, too. She's just so annoying! But Luna is totally made of awesome! She's amazing, I love how quirky she is.

One of the people I might have formerly called friend said that they never cared for her. But they also said a bunch of other stupid things about literary works that I love. Plus my last name is Lynch so When they announced who was playing Luna I was ecstatic.


I love Luna and actually Garrick Ollivander also. They are smart and know that wit beyond measure is man´s greatest treasure ;)



Luna for surrre!! 

Luna! Without contest! The things I would do to get to Leakycon to meet her D: 

Luna Lovegood and maybe Helena.


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