i am always taking sorting quizzes on facebook and i am always put into Ravenclaw, but i guess it makes sense. i love to learn and knowledge is very important to me, even if i don't remember what i learned in Chemistry five years from now. friends are very important to me too, but not to the point where i drop everything for them [so not Hufflepuff] and i'm not brave or cunning at all, so not Gr. or Sly. either. so why are you in this house?

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I just love learning. I may not be the person with the highest GPA at my school, but I enjoy things like reading Shakespeare (or just reading in general), and learning about the Doppler effect. I think a lot about this world, and our place in it. Also, I'm not the type of person to charge forward and take control (so not Gr.), I might be a little cunning, but I would rather talk stuff out with people than going on campaigns of revenge (so not Sly.), and I'm an introvert (so not Hufflepuff)

Well hey, the true reason I had bad grades in school was because I never did homework. It drove my teachers mad. It just never interested me.
I always loved taking notes and listening to lectures, but being forced to do little exercises out of a book? Unless I compelled myself to want to do that, no thanks. It's sort of like how you clean when you feel like cleaning, versus how you clean when someone told you to!   

I was just so focused and determined that I was going to be a great artist... 
But I don't know, I mean...

I remember the one time I was in a group activity at my current college, and we had to make a mini-presentation about the cultural context of a few art pieces. I was trying to suggest what points we could focus on, but they just stared at me like I was speaking a different f***ing language.
It was so damn frustrating. Why those...... UGH! "Artistic Intellectuals" my ass.
(the presentation was awful by the way; I refused to say ANYTHING)

That's what I feel is a Ravenclaw-defining moment. Amongst those you thought were like you, you find out who you really are.

"it is our yearning for knowledge that makes us human, it is our ability to use that knowledge that makes us intellegent"


i think this quote accurately sums up we ravenclaws.

I went to the Harry Potter set exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and they called two people up to be sorted by the real sorting hat from the movie, and he put me in Ravenclaw. I trust his judgement. :]
Ravenclaws are the smartass kids who have wisdom and creativity. Which is really everything i believe in.

I love learning (but hate studying). I'm very creative, although what I try to create doesn't always come out right, the fun is in the planning and creating part. I like to consider my self clever and witty. I think that a Ravenclaw is someone who likes learning new things, has an open mind and isn't afraid of new ideas or changes. 

Since I've been out of school for 15 years now, I see so many of the things that I used to know fading from memory. And life sucks up all that free time that I had when I was younger so there's less time to study as I'd like. But underlying it all is a quest for knowledge, for growth, self improvement, and wanting to stay mentally sharp. And when something grabs my attention I tend to jump in with both feet to learn a lot in a short amount of time.  I think that's why I sorted in Ravenclaw. I may be too tired half the time to be enthusiastic all the time, but it's still there. I read often, listen to NPR daily....I just want to know things.  :-)

Yes! That too! Always wanting to learn more! That's what makes us who we are too! I feel my natural talents we in graphic arts, but whenever I feel a fleeting interest in something else, I will do whatever I can to learn about it and how to do it (...even if it means finding out that it was definitely NOT meant for me).

My friends said I fit right in Ravenclaw. Whatever that means. I kept taking a bunch of tests and they all said Ravenclaw.

My family and friends are always telling me how mature I am for my age and how smart I am. In grade 4, without ever having an English class (because I"m Canadian and most of my elementary school years were spent in French classes), my first English teacher told me I had a grade 8 spelling level. She was very impressed.

Even so, I always placed myself in Hufflepuff, until recently when Pottermore told me otherwise and I realized it was right. I'm not nearly nice enough to be a Puff, I'm too sarcastic. I'm VERY loyal, but I also spend a lot of my time laughing at and jokingly insulting my friends. I don't think that sounds like a Hufflepuff trait. Also, I'm never happier than when I'm having an intellectual discussion and talking to people that I don't have to dumb down my vocabulary around :)
That's what makes me a Ravenclaw.

I think cleverness and wit are important characteristics of Ravenclaw, but the what it is that makes us Ravenclaws is that when faced with a problem or a new concept our reaction is to contemplate the new thing. We are thinkers. As a result we are clever and witty; and we can turn those thoughts into productive action via art or whatever.

I think the biggest thing that put me in Ravenclaw is that I am very smart, somewhat artistic, very...erm...well, I think of it as quirky, but most people just say weird, and that I prefer to stay inside and read than go out and explore various areas. I have always been put in Ravenclaw in every test I've ever taken, although the ones where they make you put down values on, like, 100 questions show that, although I am definitely a Ravenclaw, the next closest for me is a Slytherin. I like to think it's because I am so clever that I am sometimes seen as cunning. 


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