I always hear people saying, "Well, I'm a {House1}, but I also have a lot of friends/I am a lot like a {House2} also." So that got me wondering what other Hogwarts house Ravenclaws love?

For me, it is definitely Slytherin. Not only do I have a lot of friends who would be sorted there, but I just find them more fun - they definitely understand my sarcastic ways ;D (I'm considered a Slythenclaw <3 )

What about all of you?

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I'm a Ravenpuff or a Huffleclaw (which ever tickles your fancy). I love Hufflepuffs and I have a lot of Hufflepuff characteristics. I'm very kind, I always put others before myself. I'm very shy, I'm not one to get in other people's way. Even though this isn't a TECHNICAL characteristic, everyone thinks this makes you a Hufflepuff: I love food, I want to be a chef when I "grow up". And I hate it when people think Hufflepuffs are "lame," because they're not. They're just not!


Slytherin. My sister and most if not all of my friends were sorted into Slytherin (we have a Harry Potter Club at school and everyone gets sorted).

I'm not ambitious enough to be in Slytherin, not kind enough to be in Hufflepuff, and not brave enough to be in Gryffindor. But I'm just sarcastic and, I like to think, witty enough to be in Ravenclaw.

I find that Slytherins and Ravenclaws tend to be the quirkiest houses.
I have to say my second fave is Hufflepuff :)
I am a very loyal friend and gentle. I value friendships-----AFTER knowledge of course, but I still value friendships very much and I'd never turn my back if a friend truly needs me.
Gryffindor =D
I wouldn't consider myself particularly brave, but it's my favorite house, second to Ravenclaw, of course.
Slytherin! Though every -quiz- I take declares me a resounding 'Ravenclaw" Slytherin is always a close second.

On my darker more machiavellian days I will wear my Slytherin scarf, though I think, at heart, I am a true ravenclaw. I work in an archives for the sheer pleasure of reading old and random documents and sniffing musty books. What else would you call that?! (*rhetorical question*)
I am definitly a Ravenclaw, because I am smart, witty, and veeeeerrrryyyy nerdy, but i adore Hufflepuffs, because I think they are adorable. Gryfindors are cool too. I have no patience for Slytherins, I just want to tell them off/punch them in the face.
Agreed! Hufflepuffs are awesome, and I used to be stuck between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, or maybe Gryffindor, but I think I'm really Ravenclaw. I'm about the nerdiest girl of my age in Australia!

I was always a Gryffindor. ALWAYS

And then came Pottermore and I was put into Ravenclaw.

And then I realized there wasn't a better house for me.

I mean I prize learning above all, school is everything to me, I'm a HUGE space nerd, and various other attributes.

 But Slytherin fascinates me! They seem very misunderstood and are appearently similar to us in many ways.

So I guess I'm a Ravendorin? Ravenslydor? Something like that.


I think all the houses have good qualities, so it bothers me when people make negative generalizations about certain houses (like Hufflepuffs tend to get very little credit for their attributes, and Slytherins are commonly thought of as inherently bad, but there are plenty of good Slytherins out there), but I definitely belong in Ravenclaw. However, if I wasn't in Ravenclaw, I think I would be a Slytherin because I'm very ambitious.

I'm a proud Ravenpuff. 


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