Whats your favourite Rent song?

Mine is Take Me or Leave Me, but La Vie Boheme is a close second.

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It depends what mood I'm in. (guess what songs!?!)
-When I'm in a bad mood... "he was the same way he was always run away, hit the road, don't commit. You're full of shit!"
-When I want to show my true colors and piss people off : "to days of inspiration, playin' hooky, making something outta nothing, the need to express to communicate to going against the grain, going insane"
-When I feel like I've accomplished something- "It was my lucky day today on Avenue A when a lady in a limousine drove my way"
I also like the opening songs "december 24th 9pm eastern standard time from here on in i shoot w/o a script" they're really short and i don't like to listen to them separate from the rest of the play but they are great!
-Goodbye Love
-la vie boheme
-today for you

I am such a rent nerd. :D
Hmm, Tango: Maureen, What You Own, or La Vie Boheme
I have to admit I like Out Tonight, mainly with the visuals though. So do the other people I watch it with.
Out tonight is really catchy, it sticks in your head
you had to ask! T.T I'll never decide! It's a never ending battle between Seasons of Love and La Vie Boheme.
I'll Cover You Reprise, as well as the obvious La Vie Boheme. Also Santa Fe, Without You, and Seasons of Love!!!!!
oh, the I'll cover you reprise is such a tear-jerker!
I agree on your other songs too, but also with Goodbye love.
Tango Maureen. :) I want to learn how to tango just so I can dance to that song.
Rent... its really cool and protest-y.
What You Own or Seasons of Love. Unless I'm kinda hyper, then it's La Vie Boheme b/c I lioke to 'dance' to it (my dancing skills are horribly lacking :p)
OMG THose are my two favorites! [Take me or Leave Me with La Vie Boheme close behind :P]
la vie boheme
and Take Me or Leave Me
I love seasons of love, of course, and I'll cover you :D


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