Whats your favourite Rent song?

Mine is Take Me or Leave Me, but La Vie Boheme is a close second.

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So haard. I LOVE la vie boheme and Seasons of love. I'll cover you(reprise) was excellent. It made me cry. Especially when Collins sang "When your heart has expired". But ultimatley it's a 4 way tie between
Seasons of love, La vie boheme, I'll cover you(reprise) and Today for you, tomorrow for 4.
The finale is second.
La Vie Boheme! Then it would have to be Today for you... then probably Light my Candle but all of the songs are frickin' amazing!
Halloween and What You Own without a doubt are my two favorite songs.
I love La Vie Boheme!! I think it has a great message, and has amazing lyrics.
But I think the best song to actually watch is Tango Maureen
I was trying to decide what to put down, and I realized I had put down nearly every song. If I HAVE to decide... I love Angel so probably Today 4 U. I adore Out Tonight and La Vie Boheme too though. The trouble I had deciding just shows what a HUGE nerd I am.
La Vie Boheme, of course, but I like What You Own, Without You, and One Song Glory too.
la vie boheme here, mostly because of marks part. i sometimes find myself singing his part at random parts of my day.
La Vie Boheme, Goodbye Love, Rent, Without You, Tango Maureen and Take me or Leave me. I always listen to these songs when I'm either extremely happy, or extremely depressed.
Lol, no love for Santa Fe?? That's too bad.. I love that one and both versions of I'll Cover You

Yes!! Santa Fe is the best song. 

There is no way I can possibly pick just one. I'd have to go with either La Vie Boheme, Santa Fe, or Today For You

What You Own for sure is mine. It always stirs something in me I can't explain


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