Hey, I'm new to this and I have a few questions. ^_^

My sister's girlfriend does derby, and I love watching her. Her team mates always say I should join derby. I'd love to, but I'm scared of getting severely hurt. Is it super dangerous?

And, is there an official age limit? I'm 15, so I'm not sure if I'm old enough. I'm also not very physically fit, would I still be a good skater? 

Thanks guys! ^_^

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You're old enough. I'm 15 and in a junior league(10-19 years old) and I've never gotten severely injured. My league's been around for a couple years and the most someone's ever been injured was a broken arm or a messed up tail bone. From what I've seen it's not nearly as brutal in the junior leagues and if you ever want to try it you might as well do it now. It'd be a lot better than jumping straight into the harder stuff right from the beginning when you're older. They should also get you doing endurance training and learning how to skate as soon as you start with your league.

In short:

Is it super dangerous? No, but it can be dangerous. I recommend getting a tail bone protector as well.

Is there a junior league where you live? If so, you're old enough.

Speed and stamina are something you work on with practice, as well as stability and the ability to skate. When I started out I couldn't skate at all. Even if you're not super fit right now you will be after doing Derby for a while.

Another warning though: Like any other thing that makes you fit, Derby hurts. Your muscles will most likely hate you after practices. I just got back from practice and I can already tell that I'll be feelin' it for at least all of tomorrow.

I wanted to keep this short but... One more thing.

It's REALLY FUN!!!! You meet plenty of awesome people and get to be a whole other person for an hour! You should at least try it out for a season. :)

Thanks! ^_^ I'll try o figure out if there's a junior league in my area. And thanks for the tip about the tailbone protector, I would've never thought of that. ^_^


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