Because hey, we have to start somewhere. Even though the system isn't the key to a good RPG a good system certanly helps.

My personal favorite is the White Wolf system. The dotsystem is really simple to get, it's really easy to get an overview of your characters strengths and weaknessess, yet it's really balanced and corresponds to how the world works in a good way. Simple, yet well rounded.

So, what's your favorite system?

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I only know 3 systems. Dungeons and dragons, merp (or is it gurp?), and burning wheel.
The D&D system is a good battle simulator. But there are no base rules for roleplaying.
There are maybe 4 skills you use outside of battle. 0 feats and 1/4 of the spells can be used. [in ver. 3.5]
there are 2 skills for out of battle interactions. 0 feats and 1/50 of the spells can be used. [in ver. 4]

Gurps or what ever it's called is nice and realistic. A sling rock can break your arm or break your leg if hit right. This system makes battle more realsitic and dangeroous. But that makes some games boring as if there is too much action your char is almost always doomed to die by sheer chance. I killed the most powerful wizard in the game with a lucky arrow to his brain. It was funny, but really ruined the mood.

Burning wheel, though I have had limmited interaction with it, has become my fav system. It's all about drama, wants, goals, and needs. It pushes for xharactor development and interaction. It also forces much drama and disagreement between charactors. But unlike other systems where disagreement within a group harms the game, it fules this one. It's very interactive, very simple, and extreemly fun.

I could talk more on the subject, but I would rather use a presentation to explain the ideas and points on how many systems get it wrong. Always remember RPing is colaberative story telling. All the rules should do is help regulate interactions. Those interactions may be phisical(bar fight... Who wins), they may be mental(court case... Who wins) they could be within(internal conflict between family happiness and personal greed) and they can be even as simple as (2 players wanna go left, 2 right. Who is more convincing) the rules of the game should be able to help the plays solve each of these problems. Yet many don't. They just say "roleplay it out". Ugh thanks game. But that's why we are using you to RP with. If we wanted to just RP it out, we would just sit around a table and tell a colabrative story.
When you say D&D you should say which edition, it makes a world of difference. I prefer Edition 1, and Edition 3.
I like Hackmaster for fantasy and GURPs for everything else.
I love In Nomine, but the game world is different and a lot of gamers can't embrace it.
Shadow Run has a great world to play in, and the character creation is great, but I'm not fond of the mechanics.
My favorite system (And i've only played in 3) is White Wolf MET rules, with the rock/paper/scissors and the dots mentioned above. I am not as big of fan of the card draw/d10 rules, though I understand where that is nessesary.

If I give you a challenge, we do rock/paper/scissors. If you loose you can challenge and if I still win you loose a dot for the rest of the scene/night. It makes it easy because players can have interactions in social/mental/physical ways without really needing a Storyteller. Plus, if you really put some gusto in it, others will know whats happening just by looking at the players.

In Tabletop I have only really played Dnd 3.5 and I enjoy it but I agree with Alan in that it lacks social interaction skill points. Sure you have a few (Diplomancy, Intimidation) but I find it really limiting and difficult to find where I should put my points with them.

Gurps is something I've wanted to try even though I really have no idea how it works ^_^
I'm a big fan of 4E DnD. The balance is a niiiice change from 3.x, and you don't need role playing rules to role play. When it first came out there were unplayable concepts. . . or at least a few that were hard to pull off. Every new Dragon and every new book adds options and narrows the gap.

In Nomine is great from what I've read, but I've only gotten to play it once or twice, and only for single sessions. I would definitely like to play in a more extended campaign, but there's a general lack of interest with my gaming groups, and it would cost me an arm and a leg to buy the books, since they're out of print.

The TriStat system is a good system if you're going for something simple that can be adapted to any genre.
Anyone play Mutants and Masterminds? That is my current favorite system. I also like Savage Worlds but don't get to play it much. Actually I don't get to play much of anything since I moved to Troy MO. Stupid moving two states away from gaming group :) I have played and enjoyed Shadowrun (mostly the setting), Deadlands (original and Savage worlds), D&D up to 3rd ed, and Gurps (fantasy mostly but several others as well) just to name a few of the stand outs.

PDQ/PDQ# for RP intense games.


Hero for well built, rounded characters.



Warhammer or Samurai System


When you guys say Warhammer, do you mean Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

I like 3.5 DnD system, and anything d20 based.

Gerps is the spawn of a very notsome person in my honest opinion. 

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the old TSR Marvel Super-heroes over the years.  Yeah, this one's an antique, and it has huge limitations, but they did some really clever things with using abilities in unusual ways.  Made for some imaginative gameplay, and I still pull it out from time to time.  

The old World of Darkness system worked well for my group too.  We're especially fond of Mage (again, a very versatile system).  

I never got around to putting a Nobilis game together, but I really like the system here.  It's another open ended system, where players can literally do anything, and it's diceless as well.  Loads of potential, but a steep learning curve.  

I'm not a huge fan of D&D, and most of the reasons are built into every generation of the system.  Alignment's probably my biggest bugbear.  Definable, objective Good and Evil really get in the way of my storytelling and roleplaying, and the mechanic doesn't lift out easily, so it can't be ignored.  

D&D's the system I started on, but I haven't played since Reagan was in office. (Fine, it was AD&D, if you want to get all technical.  Satisfied?)   One of my group recently convinced me to give it another go, and I'll be starting a 3.5 campaign in the next few weeks, so we'll see if I can make it work for me.


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