I know we're all Scandinavians - but I'm curious as to where in Scandinavia you are from? :)

In addition to being a legitimate question, this is also an attempt at making this board a bit active. x3 

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Viborg in Denmark(:
Drammen, Norway 8D
I currently live in Oslo, Norway! :3
Åbo/Turku, Finland
(though not Scandinavia, but anyways...)
I'm from Århus, Denmark :)
Roskilde, Denmark. You've probably heard of Roskilde Festival :)
Bagsværd (near Copenhagen), Denmark .)
Aabenraa, in Denmark. (:
Horten, Norway ^^
Sundsvall Sweden! :D You guys are probably the only people here who don't think I live with polar bears.. :o :)
Totally agree with you on that! I lived there before, it's a totally awesome place!
I'm surprised of all the Danish people in here and the fact that they live so close to me.
I'm from Struer, Denmark.


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