So, is Moriarty really dead?

If there's already a thread on this, point it out to me, k?


I know he's batshit crazy. But did he REALLY just off himself on the roof there? I mean, he had a pretty lucrative business going for himself. He's gotta be rich; he wears Westwood! Why couldn't he have just hopped out of the country? He's obviously Sherlock's match, and I believe he would be able to get away if he really wanted to; but it's like the joker and batman relationship, Moriarty just likes toying with Sherlock.

I just can't accept that he really killed himself, just because of Sherlock. You know?

And what was with all that I.O.U stuff? I didn't think that was ever brought to fruition? or I didn't get WHY he kept saying that to Sherlock?

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Moriarty is not dead. At least how I see it. If you notice in the last scene with Mycroft in it, where he's at the Diogenes Club, he's reading a paper that headlines SUICIDE OF FAKE GENIUS. Not MURDER-SUICIDE AT ST BARTS ROOFTOP. Or even DOUBLE SUICIDE OF ACTOR AND FRAUD GENIUS. Meaning that Moriartys body was not discovered by the police or the paps. Was it stolen away by his associates? Not likely; the closest sniper (Moran hopefully) would have been long gone by the time it was safe to sneak up to the roof. Or he got there to retrieve the body and Moriarty was already gone. Plus, from an anatomical standpoint, the type of gun Moriarty was using to kill himself would have ripped the back of his head wide open at that close of a range. Besides, that was a very small amount of blood. I'm thinking self-administered time release neuro-toxin to fake death and a blank cartridge. But that's just my theory and headcanon. (Because I absolutely love Moriarty; batshittery and all)

IMO, the reason for Moriarty's suicide, real or not, was because he had finally gotten what he wanted. An equal. Someone to validate his intellect; a worthy opponent. And he found it in Sherlock. Hence the whole "I'm you...and you're me...thank you...Bless you Sherlock Holmes." And of course since he's Jim, he has to win, even if he has to change the rules. Sherlock found the loophole for calling off the snipers, and Moriarty couldn't just let Sherlock off like that, so he had to eliminate the loophole; himself. Even if it was faked, it was enough of a bluff to fool Sherlock and getting him to jump.

As for the IOU, he said  he owed Sherlock a fall. Yes, he meant the whole suicide thing, but he also meant a fall from grace. Hence the apple symbolism; eve's fall from grace at the temptation of the serpent. Moriarty wanted Sherlocks reputation destroyed. All Sherlock lives for is work; solving crimes keeps him from going to pieces. Even if he hadn't "killed" himself, Sherlock would never had been able to regain enough trust and credibility to keep his consulting detective business afloat. Who would hire the suspected fraud? Moriarty promised in The Great Game that he would burn the heart out of Sherlock, and yes, he meant John in a way, but before John and in addition to him, Sherlock's heart, his reason and motivation for living, was his work. So the IOU is in my opinion, an extension of his promise; he wasn't able to do it at the start of "Belgravia" ("Sorry, wrong day to die."), so in Jim's sociopathic mindset, he was just giving Sherlock what he promised to give him. And because he doesn't know that Sherlock planned to fake his death, he feels that he's won; he's beaten Sherlock Holmes. Because that was all he wanted, a worthy adversary that would be fun and an honor to defeat. So basically I think that they both out-smarted them selves into no one actually dying. :)

In my own happy little headcanon, Jim escapes and is under wraps for awhile, hopefully going back to his quiet crime consulting with the help of his trusty Colonel Moran, instead of trying to compete with Sherlock. Gatiss has said that Jim will not be coming back as a major villian, but he has never said that he is gone for good. But we know how the Moffs mind works, in mysterious troll-tastic ways.

Jeeze this post is very very long. I just wanted to get my thoughts and headcanons out of my system, and this seemed like a good place to do it. :)


Ohhh that's lovely! I enjoyed reading all of it! I now accept this as my personal canon as well ahaha! Thanks so much for sharing! I think what really nails it down for me, is what you pointed out about the headlines. Hmm yes good!!

Yay! I'm always glad when people like my headcanons! I'm glad it all made sense! :D

That's. Just. Brilliant.

Don't take this the wrong way, because I freaking love Moriarty, but I like that he died, though I agree that he should find a way to come back. I say this because, unlike in the majority of of other versions of Moriarty and Holmes, the deaths of both of them his Moriarty's the incredibly complicated game of chess that these two play, they have always been equals, and Sherlock realized that the only way to win was for both of them to die. In this version however, Moriarty is determined to see his enemy destroyed no matter what the cost, and, as it turns out, the cost is his life. This is my opinion however, and you need pay it no attention if you wish.

See but I saw this theory on tumblr a little while back that said that the man we call Moriarty isn't necessarily even the real Moriarty, and I started to agree with it. I can't find the original post, but I'll try to recreate it as best I can.

We all think that Andrew Scott's character is him, but what if he's just an actor or a minion the real Moriarty paid to take his place? Bear with me here, cause I know it might sound crazy at first.

Moriarty has said he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, so he could've been using another man to act as himself, thus distancing himself from any danger that comes with being Moriarty. It would've been a fairly easy task to accomplish for someone as powerful as him, and Sherlock wouldn't have known any better, because nobody has ever actually seen Moriarty. All he and John have to go on is the man's word that he is Moriarty, and he could easily have been paid off by the real Moriarty to act as him and fake his own suicide to give Sherlock and John a false sense of security before his next strike.

Anyway, that's just an idea. Thanks for reading! ^^


Interesting theory ! I really love it, BUT why would a minion accept to kill himself for his master in the first place ? It's a little far fetched. There's devotion and worshiping, but that's on the extreme side..

I believe in the original stories Jim Moriarty's brother actually becomes a villain after his death. right?


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