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So I was just wondering, we all love Sherlock but who's your favorite character in the show (and why)?

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He deserves a medal for making all this possible. Mike Stamford, we salute you :)

     Sherlock.  I've been in love with Sherlock since I started the books; with this show, it's rather ridiculous.  The only fitting word I can come up with is intense.  John is amazing too ('That, was amazing').  Quite perfect, actually. 

Isn't she great?  I love the mother-ing role she takes up.  Best landlady ever!

Definitely Sherlock. I find his genius and Asperger-y-ness fascinating and highly attractive. John is an excellent character and individual as well, so he's a close second. Moriarty's third, not so much because I like him as a person but because he is a fantastic, beautifully portrayed villain and I have immense respect for every single person who contributed to his characterization in this series. He sends shivers of terror, disgust and admiration down my spine every time he appears.

Sherlock! ... or John, possibly John. No, maybe Molly. I do love Molly... But Jim's fantastic! And Mycroft's just the best. And so is Mrs. Hudson! Oh, and Lestrade!! So, yeah. Probably one of those. Basically almost everyone:)

As an audience, Sherlock. But if they were real people I'd say John.

Moriarty. There's something about an intelligent and witty villain. Also, DI Lestrade is great.

Out of the main characters (Sherlock, John, Moriarity, and Mycroft) John is my favourite, but I'm definitely more attracted to Sherlock (and yet still very attracted to John, and their actors). Out of the rest, supporting, characters I love Molly. Or maybe Mrs Hudson. I think they're lovely characters. I think Molly is a fantastic character, especially after ready her blog, but I love Mrs Hudson a lot! I wish she'd adopt me. You know, I think Mrs Hudson. I think it's an overall tie between John and Mrs Hudson, really.

I think my favorite secondary character would have to be Molly because she's kind of in the middle when it comes to everything.. and one of my favorite characters would also have to be Sherlock and John Watson :)

U-uuuuuummm MORIARTY ggaaahh I love him, he is such an interesting character. I LOVE Sherlock, John and Lestrade too but Moriarty just shines the most in my eyes.

Molly and Sherlock. They're my OTP (One True Pairing). I feel like I connect to Molly in so many ways, because I've been friend-zoned for just about all my life, and you can see her struggling to get out of it, but Sherlock is suck an awkward-duck who doesn't realize that she is the only one for him!
And John and Moriarty. Gosh, those two. John is so much more than a sidekick to Sherlock- he's a real friend. And Moriarty. That man. He's such a character, and a sexy one at that. I really want to see him in a crown. 

Sherlock! I absolutely love heis character and despite his rather prestigious air I am kind of a little bit completely in love with him.


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