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So I was just wondering, we all love Sherlock but who's your favorite character in the show (and why)?

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Mycroft and I could be soul mates, seeing as we're both the older sibling who also loves cake and has a superior intellect (most of the time). Mycroft is my patronus. Moriarty is sex on legs, I agree. :D 

Sherlock and Moriarty. I have a thing for really, really smart sociopaths (with dark hair and high cheekbones). I should probably see a doctor about that before someone kills me. 

Every character is great in its own way. I just want to get inside the screen and give John a hug when Sherlock is being his megalomaniac, jerkish self. Mycroft  is awesome (although he's a bit like a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who, great for repairing plot holes). 

I love Molly Hooper and of course The Woman. I think they are both so strong and interesting and so undeniably different while they keep a lot of the same characteristics.

Of course, like everyone else, I am practically in love with Sherlock and John.

However, I have a secret make-believe love affair with the total badassery that is Mycroft Holmes.

Well, Sherlock is the most interesting character I've seen on television in a long time, perhaps ever.  I love smart personalities, and the fact that he's socially inept just makes it more entertaining.  And he pretends like he's completely cut off from everything, but he obviously cares about people that are close to him, and would do anything to protect them, while still trying to remain aloof. Not to mention the fact that's he's incredibly attractive.

Sherlock!!! he's so funny and he doesnt even realise it... he's really hot too... so funny i nearly peed myself! it has links for Sherlock, John, Mycroft and Lestrade too. this has nothing to do with favourite characters but i thought i'd share it to spread the unconrollable laughter

Sherlock and Mycroft, because both their personalities are sufficiently warped enough to suit mine >:D

Moriarty. He better not be really dead. Idk I just can't accept his death, okay??

I'd say Mike Stamford, the guy who introduces Sherlock and John 

He deserves a medal for making all this possible. Mike Stamford, we salute you :)


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